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Welcome to Nerdaku

What exactly this blog is going to be about is probably the most important question to answer off the bat. This blog is going to pick a theme for each post, it might be creating a D&D game with friends, or putting together the ultimate computer desk setup, or how to build a Mario fishtank. After we have come up with a theme for the article we will scour the internet finding the best items to get it done right. In the end we will pass all that information on to you, so you can do it yourself. In the end we hope that through our hard work. you can use our articles as a resource to create something cool on your own. It’s like a DIY for something other than building shelves or landscaping.

So who are we, and why would you bother to listen to what we have to say? Well, we are a small group of lifetime nerds who have interests ranging from Anime to D&D to Video Games. We also have significant others who would rather we didn’t fill the house full of manga and action figures, so we found other ways to express our nerd-dom. Hopefully, through our experience we can provide some insight on interesting ways to add a little more geek culture to your life. Our first set of articles is going to be on setting up your own Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and the different things you may want to consider. Welcome to Nerdaku, we are glad to have you.

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